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Enduring Beauty, Newfound Energy

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Cambria once again released four new designs in September 2021. These designs are meant to invigorate us and realign our sense of purpose and propel us forward to exciting new places. Defined by dynamic earth tones, rich burgundies, and sophisticated grays, these new designs demonstrate the enduring beauty that newfound energy can create.

Notting Hill - Organic burgundy veins traverse an exceptionally clean warm white canvas, adding to the design’s natural warmth. When you look closer, the veins of Notting Hill delicately shimmer.

Hermitage - Delicate gold veining swirls in tight and open patterns, creating lighter and darker pools of color. This elegant warm design glistens.

Cashel - Energetic burgundy veins fracture across a warm white background. Delicate shading of tan accents complement the veins, accentuating this design’s undeniable warmth. Upon a closer look, a subtle shimmer will reveal itself in the bolder veins.

Clare - In this elegantly modern design, bright white cool veins contrast with a versatile gray background, creating a deftly saturated design.

Notting Hill quartz sample from Cambria.
Notting Hill from Cambria
Hermitage quartz sample from Cambria.
Hermitage from Cambria
Cashel quartz sample from Cambria.
Cashel from Cambria
Clare quartz sample from Cambria.
Clare from Cambria


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