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Inspired by warmth and light

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Cambria released four more new designs in June 2021. These new designs are inspired by warmth, light and adventure.

Leabridge - Available exclusively in our new Cambria Satin Ridge™ finish, this innovative design features gradations of cool white and warm honey, with borders of textured ridges—creating an overall look reminiscent of salt flats.

Sandgate - True to its name, the cool whites and grays of Sandgate evoke the surface of a favorite childhood beach or treasured memory. Silver flecks glint enticingly.

Halewood - Abundant swirls and charcoal gray veins animate this wheat-toned design. Beige and white accents provide a subtle softness. A crystallized feel adds pleasing depth and dimension.

Hemsworth - High-contrast, deeply saturated black veining cascades across a cool white background, intersecting with softer veins which pulsate and crackle.

Leabridge quartz sample from Cambria.
Leabridge from Cambria
Sandgate quartz sample from Cambria.
Sandgate from Cambria
Halewood quartz sample from Cambria.
Halewood from Cambria
Hemsworth quartz sample from Cambria.
Hemsworth from Cambria

Satin Ridge Finish

The new Satin Ridge Finish from Cambria is available exclusively on Leabridge. This is a beautiful finish that falls between a high gloss and matte while at the same time showcasing a slight texture giving it a very tactile feel.

Leabridge available exclusively in Satin Ridge Finish from Cambria.
Leabridge available exclusively in Satin Ridge Finish.


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