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Bizier Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are not a new trend but have come a long way in both style and function. Wood surfaces in kitchen design tends to inspire the chef inside of everyone and provides a stunning backdrop for food preparation. With the increasing popularity of stone counters over the past number of years, it's no surprise that designers and homeowners alike enjoy blending textures and adding warmth to their kitchens by incorporating wood.

If you've been thinking of incorporating the warmth of wood into your kitchen, Bizier wood countertops and shelves are products for you. Elegant Solutions is a supplier and installer of these high quality, Canadian-made products.

Close up view of wood counter in dark walnut.

Elegant Solutions has seen many creative ways of incorporating wood in kitchens. From obvious uses like butcher style islands to dramatic raised bars to dining surfaces for the whole family. When deciding to use wood countertops in your kitchen, you need to consider the purpose and design before getting started. These different purposes can require different finishes that will help protect the surfaces and keep them looking great for years to come.

Contact Elegant Solutions about the best options for your kitchen!

Wooden countertop attached to island for dining.
Wood countertop surrounding sink full of flowers.

So Many Options

Edge Profile

Bizier has six different edge profiles to choose from.


There are three types of finishes available for wood countertops. Choose one based on the function of the workspace and future maintenance. Hint: Let Elegant Solutions help.


Depending on your layout and kitchen design, there are even more options to

consider, like corner assembly design.

Most Popular Wood Species for Countertops

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