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Skara Brae quartz from Cambria.


A resource page for kitchen and bath designers and dealers. Elegant Solutions works directly with your team to make sure your Cambria experience is second to none.

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Technical/Project Specific Questions

Cambria design palette

With over 200 designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect Cambria quartz countertop for your space. Check out Cambria's website in the link below for the complete listing of designs.


Use our handy guide to help choose the perfect edge profile. Not all profiles are available for every thickness, so make sure you consider both size and profile when choosing.

Standard slabs vs jumbo slabs

Check out our complete guide to what designs are available in Standard and Jumbo sizes. Make sure you check back to make sure you're referencing the most up to date information.


Cambria is handcrafted from the finest quartz. It's unmatched quality ensures durability for life. To keep your Cambria looking and performing like new, follow these simple guidelines and precautions.


Q: What is the maximum usable slab size I can have without a seam?

A: 130"x 64"(Jumbo size slab), 120"x 54" (Standard size slab)

Q: How much time should I expect to wait from template to install?

A: 10 - 15 business days.*


*Due to high volume, our lead times have been extended. 

Template Dates: Approximately 3 weeks from order date.

Final Drawings for Sign Off and Approval: Please allow up to 1 week.

Installation Date: Approximately 4-6 weeks from submission to the FabShop, provided no back orders.

Q: Do existing countertops need to be removed prior to templating?

A: Yes, we recommend all existing countertops be removed to allow us to get an accurate wall scribe and also allows us to see cabinetry framework to ensure seams and overhangs are properly supported. This will ensure a perfect fit of your new Cambria countertops.

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