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Green with Envy

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Did you hear? Cambria released 4 new designs this Spring. These new designs take their queues from nature with subtle green and teal hues.

Ivybridge - Dark teal diagonal veins on an arctic white expanse create a powerful sense of depth while delicate gold shimmer adds a playful, effervescent quality.

Blackbrook - White lightning-strikes dramatize a smooth black background. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple.

Kendal - Fine black crackling veins traverse a field of subtle, soft teal and swirling white. Radiant opalescent crystals suggest surprising depth within the greater feeling of smoothness.

Ruxley - Subtle emerald green veining on a warm white brings out the best in a variety of décors, introducing restrained color. Cooler white veins deftly add balance.

Ivybridge quartz sample from Cambria.
Ivybridge from Cambria
Blackbrook quartz sample from Cambria.
Blackbrook from Cambria
Kendal quartz sample from Cambria.
Kendal from Cambria
Ruxley quartz sample from Cambria.

Elegant Solutions got an up close (and socially distanced) view of these gorgeous new slabs earlier this month. Held outside in our parking lot due to Covid restrictions in Ontario, we lucked out with a beautiful day. If you couldn't make it out that day, don't worry. We hope to see these new designs in the gallery soon!

Want to see more of these new releases? Click here.

Four new Cambria slabs touring location strapped to the back of a truck.
New Cambria slabs make their way to Elegant Solutions for an outdoor viewing event.


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